Frequently Asked Questions

We request that you schedule your appointment by clicking the yellow "Book Online" button above.  If you would like to call in and schedule an appointment, you can do so by calling (630)778-4700.
Yes, we do. We treat all ages including newborns, toddlers, adolescents, teenagers, adults and seniors.
Patient Portal - healow is a resource that will allow you to request refills on your medication & prescriptions, check the balance on your account, and much more.
Please call the office directly if you have been locked out of the portal by too many attempts to login and we will unlock your portal account and reset your password.
We get this question all the time. We recommend that before your visit you write down all of your concerns on a note card in preparation for your office visit. This not only helps you organize your own thoughts, but will ensure that all of your questions are addressed the day of your visit. If for some reason you still have a question for the physician we suggest you message the physicians through the Patient Portal - healow, email the physicians, or call our office directly and ask to speak with a nurse.
You can contact our billing department directly at 630-778-4700 and selecting option 3. Someone will return your call within one business day. If you would like to pay your bill, you can do so online here.
The quickest way to get a refill on your prescription or medication is to request it through the Patient Portal - healow. You can also call into the office and leave a message regarding your refill with the following information: your name, date of birth, medication, dosage, quantity, and pharmacy information including the pharmacies name and address. Messages not containing all this information will not be filled.
Please contact the pharmacy that you have this prescription with to check the status of the refill. Please allow our staff until the end of the business day to fill your prescription.